Friday, February 25, 2011

Pan Mexicano

Last weekend, I was "recruited" by Louie to help with setting up the files of his new client.  We spent the entire three day weekend organizing documents, running reports, looking for records, etc. etc. etc.  As my reward (!!)  we had lunch at Roosevelt Tamale Parlor. I had the green enchiladas and Louie had the eggs with chorizo.  Sorry -  I was too hungry to take any photos but the food was delicious!

After lunch we strolled over to Dominguez Bakery on 24th Street and had the BEST Mexican Bread I've had in a looooong time.  I did manage to whip out my camera and take these shots.

Do you know the names/flavors of the different types of Mexican bread????  Well, you do now!

My favorite!

Next time, I'll take photos of other favorites...Puerco (Gingerbread), Elote (Corn), Conchas (Shells).
Check out this site for more info on Pan Mexicano.

                                           Enjoy and have a good weekend OaklandBreakfasters!

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