Friday, January 28, 2011

Sartorialist Wannabe

Ok, so while Louie and I were in NYC a few days ago (and on a day it wasn't snowing)  I saw this guy and thought -  SARTORIALIST!!!

The Story:
Louie and I were waiting to cross the street (we were at Bryant Park) when I saw this guy in a very interesting outfit. I sooo wanted to take his picture but I was afraid to ask him if I could.  But then I thought I can't let him get away so I took one photo from the back, got up the courage and asked him if I could take his picture.  I am not sure he understood me so I pointed to his shoes, gave him a thumbs up and he smiled and gave ME a thumbs up in return. 

From the back.....

The one quick shot....

 Scott Schuman of Sartorialist fame has nothing to worry about as it will take me a gazillion years to be as good as he is with  his "On the Street" photos but for that moment, I  was very pleased with my first  "On the Street" photo    :)

I gotta give Mr. Schuman his's a few from The Sartorialist....

What did I learn ? Use macro focus, shoot more than one photo,
get my subject to pose and move out of the way of NYC taxis!

Have a good weekend OaklandBreakfasters!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In The Freezer

Louie and I have been in New York City for the past few days.......BRRRRRRRRRRR....and we are now back home in warm Oakland.

We went from a freezing 6 degrees in Manhattan (yes, that's right..6 degrees) to a current 61 in Oakland.  That is a 55 degree difference!!!

The weather never stops us though and and if it's raining, snowing  or too *&^% hot, we always manage to have a great time.  This time around, Louie and I visited the Fabulous Ms. Mia, celebrated my birthday (58) and our wedding anniversary (33).

We managed to stay warm with the help of thermals, gloves, hats, parkas, face masks, scarves, boots, sweaters and hand and feet warmers.  We were quite a sight but we looked just like everyone else.

I cuddled my camera and made sure it had its overcoat to protect against the cold and snow.  I took these shots very quickly as my fingers went numb after being exposed for just a few minutes...ouch!

                                          View from our window..not so much snow...major cold.....

Construction dude was well insulated..........

You know it was freezing if your bike needed a sweater!

Cable knit sweaters were keeping our four legged friends warm...

Harry on Wall Street

Lucky Charms in winter wear...

We ducked into Kitchen Arts and Letters to keep us warm and bought a few cookbooks..
..but we passed on this one!

Have you ever ordered your tacos from a VW Bus parked inside of a garage? Well, we did at
 Tacombi Fonda Nolita and the chicken soup helped thaw us out!

This was my uniform.
Stick 'em up!

It is always an adventure to visit NYC and this was no exception. 
We made it there and we can make it anywhere!!
Hasta Luego Nueva York!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Get Me To The Church On Time

A few weekends ago, I attended a very suave family wedding.  The bride was beaming, the groom was handsome and we salsa danced all night! At my table table,  we talked about how much we loved seeing brides (and ok, the grooms too) and of course I said "I have lots of pictures of brides..I'll post them" so here comes the brides!

 A very happy day
Prague, Czech Republic

Young and in love
Czech Republic

Picture Perfect
Livermore, California

At City Hall
Frankfurt, Germany

Castelnuevo Barendinga, Tuscany, Italy
(Papa looks a little perplexed........)

A groom and his bodyguards
 San Francisco, California

Keeping Warm
People's Republic of China

Mr. and Mrs. Cool
 Oakland, California

Best Man and Maid of Honor
 Manila, Philippines

Sweet and Simple
Sonoma, California

And I am SURE that they all made it to the church on time!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Colors of Santa Fe

 Today is a colorful day. These are photos that I took during our many trips to Santa Fe and I love how color makes the big impression. Most photos are from the downtown area and even though you'll see lots of turquoise, (it's the state rock), the official NM state colors are red and yellow. Welcome to the Land of Enchantment....

Today's blog is dedicated to John and Rafi who will soon be making New Mexico their new home!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are U Looking at Me?

A few months ago, while in Paris, I headed out to have lunch in Saint-Germain-des-Pres, a very trendy neighborhood in the 6th Arrondissement. Along the way I came across lots of home decor and furniture boutiques and cool eyewear shops( I couldn't resist and bought myself a pair!).  Let's take a stroll through the 6th.....

Plushy sofa and friends

All eyes were on me...I think....

Eyeglass Necklaces...
you hang your eyeglasse/sunglasses through the bottom ring..I should have bought one..

This haute couture dress was made out of wallpaper....

Believe it or not these are gloves...what??

Waiting for a table in cool shades...

A very healthy lunch...

Followed by a very delicious dessert (Champagne and raspberry tart)!

Not to be's what College Avenue was sporting in chic eyewear...

Oakland holds it own!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby It's STILL Cold Outside

I was doing a little shopping Saturday afternoon on 4th Street in Berkeley and the temperature was barely 47 degrees at 2 pm...still waaaay too cold! (See last weeks post - "Baby, It's Cold Outside").  Not only were folks bundled up, but these four legged cuties were dressed for the chilly air as well.  It was quite a fashion parade!

Over at E iWear 
Mr. Big
 wore a luscious (possibly cashmere?) orange and white sweater with chevron strips
 and wood buttons to keep him warm.
He was a BIG hit as he elegantly greeted clients.

A most adorable Sir Tobias Barkley was poised and warm for his stroll.
He had all eyes on him and as one can see,  green is definitely his "color"!

Ms. Nellie Rose sported a trendy hooded pink and blue fleece one piece.
It absolutely  flattered her girlish figure and terrific complexion!

The Caped Crusader patiently waited outside for his

And on Sunday during a walk around Lake Merritt,
was set to go in red, white and blue (Note his matching leash!).

Do you have a favorite photo you'd like to share of your four legged fashionista?
 Just send it over and it will get posted on the next installation of
"Furry and Fab On the Street"!