Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Step Right In

                                               Wearing shoes is good for you.

About 1 month ago I bruised the bottom of my foot.  I now have to to wear my most comfiest shoes, Tevas, until my foot heals/heels and then I can wear "real" shoes again.  The Tevas go great with my pajama's...NOT...and I look crazy wearing them (with socks of course) outside in the rain and the cold.  But you gotta do what you gotta do.  Here are some shoe photos I took during my travels and wanderings.
Snazzy stuff on the bus in Paris -I want a pair!

Triple ballet flats on rue Vaurgirad.  To be tre chic in Paris, you must wear Repetto Ballet Flats.
When I win the Lotto I WILL buy a pair....

I found this pair of shoes on a sidewalk close to Dimond Park...1953 was a extremeley good year!
(Not to be picky but they got the " on the wrong side of 53  - either that or they really mean 53 inches??)

These were the shoes I was wearing when I hurt my foot.......just kidding!

Here's me.   I can either be in ad for :
1) white socks  2)  pj's or 3) Tevas. You decide.
(You can't see them very well but my pj's have little lambs on them..cute!)


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