Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby It's STILL Cold Outside

I was doing a little shopping Saturday afternoon on 4th Street in Berkeley and the temperature was barely 47 degrees at 2 pm...still waaaay too cold! (See last weeks post - "Baby, It's Cold Outside").  Not only were folks bundled up, but these four legged cuties were dressed for the chilly air as well.  It was quite a fashion parade!

Over at E iWear 
Mr. Big
 wore a luscious (possibly cashmere?) orange and white sweater with chevron strips
 and wood buttons to keep him warm.
He was a BIG hit as he elegantly greeted clients.

A most adorable Sir Tobias Barkley was poised and warm for his stroll.
He had all eyes on him and as one can see,  green is definitely his "color"!

Ms. Nellie Rose sported a trendy hooded pink and blue fleece one piece.
It absolutely  flattered her girlish figure and terrific complexion!

The Caped Crusader patiently waited outside for his

And on Sunday during a walk around Lake Merritt,
was set to go in red, white and blue (Note his matching leash!).

Do you have a favorite photo you'd like to share of your four legged fashionista?
 Just send it over and it will get posted on the next installation of
"Furry and Fab On the Street"!


  1. Very cute. You are becoming a blog force. Nice very nice.

  2. Thanks - and got a kick of how these furry friends actually POSED for the camera!