Sunday, September 4, 2011

What I Did on My Summer Vacation...

As you probably guessed, I took a little vacation in August and did all kinds of new and fun stuff which left little time for bloggin'.  So you ask, what exactly did I do?  Well, I...

1) Made a new best friend...Sumi!
  Sumi  is almost 5 years old and lives next door to me.  She and her brother Mohammad (almost 2 years old) come over to water my plants and we eat popsicles.

2)  Had a summer camp for my nieces and nephews.  We went to the Berkeley Hall of Science, swam at Dimond Park and did volunteer work for City Slicker Farms.  Fun!

3) Spent time with the Divine Ms. M who came home for a visit.  We went to dinner, went shopping, went for run around Lake Merritt and did other fun mother/daughter stuff. 
 She's back in NYC now and I miss her...

4) Went to the movies with Yogarden and saw  "Midnight in Paris".
Je peux à peine attendre pour visiter Paris en 2011.
5)  Became addicted to shopping at Home Depot!  The Mexican Chair Factory (see July post) has opened up a whole new world to me of  spray paint, door knobs, light fixtures and sand paper...what??

6)  Celebrated with friends and family two Quinceaneras on the same day.
The celebrations were 59 miles apart but I was honored to have been invited to both.
Here is a pic of my very close friends Clara and Gabriel with their lovely daughter Gabriela.
 Que bonita!


7)  Drove out to Tracy for Daniel's 10th Birthday Pool Party!  It was tre hot...95 dgrees but we had lots of delicious Puerto Rican/Mexican food and cake to get us through it!


8)  Sold Mexican Chair Factory treasures at Chabot College Flea Market..ok, this was a slight deviation from vacation plans but it went well...

That's just some of the stuff I did in August and now I am gonna pretend that it's NOT September
 and that summer is NOT ending.

How about you - what did you do in August?

More to come...


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