Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Mexican Chair Factory...July Update

Ok, so I have been working more than full time (or so it seems)  on my latest obsession...The Mexican Chair Factory.   Here's a few of what seems to be a gazillion pieces that Yogarden and I have rescued from the trash pile and worked on...

 Trio de Colores...

Love this fabric!


I found this one on the corner and
 Yogarden painted it with this vibrant color...
perfect for summer...


The Factory has  expanded beyond chairs
 and we now including other smaller pieces like this
 vintage magazine rack
...another one we rescued from the garbage truck...

And if that doesn't keep me busy (and out of trouble),
I  have my nieces and nephews (my sisters grandkids) with me this week!
We are doing a "Tia's Summer Camp"
and we've been swimming...
At  Dimond Park...

Here's half of my crew at Lawrence Hall of Science - UC Berkeley

We also managed a stop at the Oakland Museum...

Of couse, a visit to
 is always on the
camp activity schedule

Anywhooo - The Mexican Chair Factory
has continued to gather lots of  "gems"
so it's back to work


Take it easy Oakland Breakfasters

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